Why You Need Website Optimization

Website optimisation also known to some as Search engine optimisation is the procedure used to design from scratch a website so that its features enable high rankings on search engines. It includes features such as relevant keywords that are the trend in the modern world on the website, tags and meta tags editing, optimisation of components of the website so that it is easily accessible to a search engine and indexed for search results. According to experts, it is also the use of controlled experimentation to enhance performance of the website.


The benefits of website optimisation are insurmountable. The process starts with determining the better version of a web page that can assist visitors in meeting their reasons for visiting the website. The traffic from visitors on the website is then converted to emailing lists, viewers or even paying customers. The goal of website optimisation varies in line with the type of business applying it. Every business has their own target and the target forms the basis of the goals an organisation will have. There are five stages to this optimisation process:

• Determine what the organization wants to improve on the site
• Discuss the changes
• Identify the changes that can be implemented and create alternatives to them
• Test run the new setup
• Evaluate results

The steps mentioned above are in most cases performed on the landing page before being tried elsewhere on the site. But first and foremost before the above can be carried out, quantitative and qualitative research have to be carried out. The research can include opinion polls, surveys, feedback and ongoing trends. The research carried out would then aid the company in performing the above processes.

There are several parts of the website that can be optimized but like was said before, the tests are run primarily on the landing pages during web optimisation before implementing the ideas elsewhere. Aspects of the website like :

• headlines
• Descriptions
• Visual style
• Font and text used
• Aesthetics and Visual arrangement

The above when combined with the search engine optimisation creates a leverage for the company over its competitors . Apart from increasing visitor traffic to the site, website optimisation may also be carried out to increase functionality of the web pages in areas of speed and quality. Most sites are known for loading slowly and this might be as a result of the many contents on the site which can be frustrating for visitors. Taking care of the amount of videos and images on the site can improve its loading speed.

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