What You Should Know About Senior Dating

All the media’s focus is on appearance and youth, so it might seem normal to think that dating is only for young people.

What about senior dating? Yes, this is a thing. Who said that after 50 years people should lock themselves in their houses and stay there forever? The life span is much longer than in the past, people stay fit and live healthier lives further into our wisdom years and more and more adults over 55, who find themselves single, are considering the idea of senior dating. Let’s face it: nobody likes to be lonely.

Here are several things that you did not know about senior dating.

Age is just a number

Despites young people who are very age-prejudiced when looking for a companion, old people do not care about age. Once you have passed your 50s, age becomes less and less important. So what is important? How healthy you are, what shape you are in or what activities you can do.

You can be 70 years old. If you are active, play golf, go for long walks you will be much more interested in the 82-year-old who shares the same activities than in the 62-year-old with a hip replacement who walks with a crane.

Looks? What looks?

Looks is a lower priority for seniors. Why? Maybe because they are wise enough to know are way less important than the way a person thinks or his/her personality. It could also be because the physical nature of attractiveness takes another turn when you get older. No matter the reason older adults don’t give too much importance on how a person looks when they are looking for a companion.

Drinks or dinner?

Dinner is the where most seniors feel the burden of being alone. Dinner plays an important role in the social lives of older adults because it is the moment when the entire family gets together. That’s why a dinner date will be very important when finding companionship. If young people meet up in bars, older people meet up in restaurants.

Love and marriage?

For young people the ultimate goal is to find someone to love, get married and start a family. For seniors things are different. They are just looking for someone to have dinner, to travel, to share favorite activities or just to take long walks in the park.

One companion or more?

Most seniors have multiple needs for companionship. Some want to find a single life partner to share the rest of their lives with, but some have a dinner companion, a travel companion, and hiking companion, etc.

Trust is important

Here is a common ground between young and old people. They all think that trust is important, but for older people who live on a fixed income and have heard numerous stories about seniors being taken advantage of, trust takes on a special significance.

Filters do not matter

Online dating sites use fancy algorithms to help people find a partner based on certain criteria such as religion, ethnicity, occupation, cat-dog person, eye color, etc. Seniors do not give importance to these things anymore.

After reading this you might consider that over 40’s dating site is very simple. It might seem, compared to younger people, but it’s never easy to meet new people and start from zero.