What is Concrete Cutting?

Concrete cutting comes in different process of drilling, controlled sawing and removing concrete. To perform task as such, you are to use different power tools to ensure that they will be done the most accurate way possible, power tools such as jack hammer, concrete cutters etc.

There are different methods of concrete cutting you should know of:

Concrete wall sawing

This is one of the most common reasons why professionals are being contacted to perform such task. If this method is not performed right, remedy may not be possible, instead building the entire walling may be required. Use of track mounted machine with circular blade is the only tool that can work on this method. When you do this method of concrete cutting, it is necessary that you know how to use this power tool as any wrong handling may be highly dangerous and risky.

Slab sawing or flat sawing

This method of concrete cutting is being used for cutting of floors, pavements and bridge decks. This is where the operator will place blade on a cart like machine, where they need to push and pull the cart in order to cut the concrete. It is commonly use on flat floor surfaces of either bridges, roads or home and office floorings.

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Wire sawing

A task only performed by professional concrete cutting Melbourne and no one else. The complexity of using the tool made this method only be done by experienced or trained professionals. Wire sawing is used to larger size concrete cutting tasks. Use of a cable with segments of tiny diamond put along pulleys that are attached to hydraulic power drive.

Core drilling

This method of concrete cutting is often used by plumbers, electricians etc. Core drilling is to create opening for wires, air conditioning vents, pipes etc. Instead of the method of cutting concretes, circular holes are being done instead for insertion of pipes, wires etc. This is a method that may seem easy to complete, but the truth is, it takes precise and accurate work.

Diamond Sawing

You do not see this too often, as the tool to use in performing diamond sawing is, almost, only available to contractors. This is a tool that is very simple to use, no need too much of manpower as the tool itself is robust enough to cut concretes and even metals and the like. The tool used for this method offers lesser vibration and noise compared to other available power tools use to cut concretes.