What do Commercial Cleaners Do?

Commercial cleaners are important people for any business. Any office thrives in clean and tidy environments. It’s a known fact that a messy workspace reduces productivity. In fact, according to research, those who work in a dirty office are more inefficient, wary and frustrated. With this in mind, having professionals clean your workspace is the best option. Not everyone understands what exactly they are doing so to give you an idea, here are the things they do to keep your area clean:

They empty and wash your trash bins; they replace the liner

Here’s a sure thing: nobody in the office really wants to take out the trash. How many time have you seen a trash bin that’s been left out for too long? This will never happen if you hire a professional service. Commercial cleaners do the dirty work for you.

Vacuum the floor surface

People are always coming and going in offices. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small, medium or large company. There’s sure to be dirt, soil or mud tracked inside. This is especially hard if you have carpeted floors.

Professional cleaning services use heavy duty machines and commercial-grade cleaning solutions to remove any traces of dirt, regardless if it’s your carpet or a hardwood floor.

Wipe and disinfect all surfaces

It may not seem like it, but offices can be dirty places. In fact, according to research, an office keyboard is 20,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat. To reduce the chance of disease breaking out, it’s necessary to disinfect all surfaces.

Clean and arrange the pantry

No more dirty microwaves! Professional cleaning crews clean the microwave, refrigerators and coffee machines. Office pantries are another favourite breeding ground for germs, as studies show that coliforms are present in dangerously high amounts. This type of bacteria can cause gastrointestinal decease. Microwaves are also a breeding ground for coliforms, as well as kettle handles.

Office cleanliness is an important part of your employee’s safety and wellbeing. Therefore, hiring commercial cleaners in Osborne Park is a good choice for any business. Contact the team to learn more about the services they are offering.