The Most Common Wedding Cakes Business Mistakes

You are so excited to be following your dream of baking cakes from your home or from your new business premise and can’t wait to get your first order and make the tastiest and most beautiful wedding cake. But, wait a minute, here are some of the most common mistakes made by many wedding cakes startups that will hopefully guide you towards making a successful baking business.

  • Failure to have a pricing strategy

Before you take any order, you should have set a pricing structure that will guide you on how much you should charge for the order in question. Many people just find themselves in the wedding cakes business and are usually so excited to start working that they take an order only to realize that they have no pricing strategy in place.

Before you even start baking, your first business should be to come up with a good pricing strategy that is going to help you formulate an effective and efficient pricing structure.

What you can do is tell your potential client to give you about an hour to work out a quote considering all the specifications that the client wants before taking the order.

Avoiding the subject of price until the time of delivery is very unprofessionally.

  • Not having a menu

Sometimes a client can just call up and make an order for a wedding cake assuming that you have been making wedding cakes for a long time and so that won’t be a problem for you. This is not the time for you to start experimenting with new recipes because the last thing you want is to make a bad tasting cake as this will be so bad for your business.

Before you start your business, you should decide on the type of wedding cake flavors you are going to offer as well as the frosting and filling you are going to use.

  • Allowing your clients to be the boss

A client cannot decide how you run your cake business. What are you supposed to do if a difficult bride comes to with a picture of a fondant cake and says she wants it made with cream cheese. Giving in can potentially spell doom for your business as you can be sure she will go around saying that you are the worst baker in town.

When a client comes to you, you are the boss and the expert. Don’t risk a cake disaster just because you are trying to please your customer.

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