Ways to Soundproof Your House

When you want to have peace and solitude or planning on having your own record studio, you need to limit the noise that is in your house. To help, we listed some ways on how to do that:

  • Cover floors with rugs

One of the best ways to reduce noise levels in your house is to cover the floor with carpets. The thick rug can dampen sound coming. Moreover, it can protect your flooring and can increase your house’s appeal too. Just make sure to vacuum this every day to limit dirt and dust mites.

  • Use bookcases

The thicker your wall, the more noise it will absorb. So, improve this by putting bookshelves. The books will act as a wall cover, making these as an effective sound barrier. However, be careful where to put the shelves. Don’t place it next to your entertainment set as you don’t want the books to fall because of the sound’s vibration.

  • Switch your doors

Replace your hollow core doors with weather strip solid doors. This is because if you have a light weight and inexpensive door, chances are a lot of extra sounds can pass through this.

  • Install acoustic panels

Acoustic panels absorb sound, which makes them perfect if you want to quiet your room. Many companies provide custom made panels for bathrooms and other areas in your homes so you can find what fits your budget and needs.

  • Plantation shutters

If you want to minimise the sound bouncing around indoors, you should protect your windows from outdoor noises too. One way to do this is by installing window shutters. Plantation shutters in Sydney can prevent any sound from passing through your windows. Moreover, these can also give you more privacy as well. Just make sure that your windows have no any crack, so the shutters will be more effective. You can contact HeartWood Shutters for a wide range of shutters.