Tools To Have Handy When Face Painting

With various substances and materials categorized as the cause of skin diseases, caution has to be taken when applying products to the face. For an art such as face painting, this has effect on the reviews given by customers as no face painter worth his worth would want to be liable to claims of skin damage. The best products to use in face painting are those specially manufactured for skin rejuvenation and health not run off the mill products that are questionable. Face painting that can easily be washed off by a light dab of damp clothing or quick rinse in water should be used. If a product not made for the skin is used, there would most likely be allergies on the client which is really not a good way to present your business. There are specially created creams, lotions and paints for the skin that don’t detract from the beauty of the painter’s art.

face painter

When on a job, probably a party or event that has contracts your services to entertain guests, there are tools which a face painter must have readily available before commencing work.

– Portfolio of previous works: if the event is for children, most of them are well acquainted with the latest animations and cartoons and having a portfolio of drawings from them can create excitement in the children for the art to be done on them. This portfolio serves as a guide for the children to choose what they want. It is well known that kids are always active and do not like to be kept in one place for too long while fun is on-going, having them choose what they want instead of you spending time to think is better.

– Mirror: after the face painting job is done, the clients should be able to view the results so they can either exclaim or comment about it. The end result seat the client is always after and not the process having a mirror at hand gives them the satisfaction of viewing it.

– Moisturizer: if a painter needs an easel or a smooth surface to work with, the same is the case in face painting. Moisturizer can be used to smoothen the skin providing an easel that is clean to work with. It is also used to stave off skin irritation, discoloration of the skin as well as prevents cracking if the paint.

– Brushes – so as not to smear different colors that are not in line with the design, different brushes should be used for different colors. The use of brushes ensures more detailed work.

– Water: if there is no water present, how else do you plan on rinsing the brush and sponge?

– Wipes: they can be used to wipe off errors or drops of paint on surfaces.

There are most likely other tools used in face painting but the ones stated above are just the basic needs of any face painter.

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