Tools that Professional Gardeners Use

Gardeners, whether professional or mere hobbyist, need special tools to perform their job well. Tending plants is a serious task that requires knowledge and skills. Using the right tools is one of them. Just like in any other activity or profession, the success of any gardener is highly dependent on the right use of tools in carrying out his/her activities.

For a beginner or inexperienced one, you should know the tools professionals use at work. You should also choose the right one that is appropriate for a task. Moreover, you should learn how to use them to avoid accidental damages to plants and the items in your garden.

Some of the Tools Gardeners Use

Here are some of the tools used by any professional gardener:

  • Forks and spades – These apparatuses are used to dig the soil. They have shafts of various lengths and materials. Professionals recommend using the size that is appropriate to the size of your garden. If you are just tending small plants, you may need to buy smaller ones.
  • Rake – This object is used to clear the ground and level the soil. This is often used for removing rocks and preparing the soil for planting. You can also use it to clean lawns of leaves and other debris.
  • Hand trowel – this is a small version of spade that is very useful for planting young plants and bulbs. It is also very crucial for weeding and minor digging tasks.
  • Pruners – Sometimes, you need to cut off certain parts of your plants to ensure their healthy growth. You should use quality pruners for this task.
  • Pruning saw – You need a more powerful cutting tool such as pruning saw for trees and huge plants.
  • Shears – Use shears to trim tall grasses and small hedges. This is the tool used by landscape designers in keeping your plants neat-looking.

Gardening is fun, especially if you have the right materials with you to work on. With the help and advice of professional gardeners Melbourne, you could now then buy a set of tools that are useful for your project.