Things Tourists Can Do in Australia

Australia is a great country for international tourists and migrants. It is home to many tourist destinations and bustling and advanced megacities. Not only that ‘the Land Down Under’ the continent has a teeming biodiversity, it is also home to great metropolises. It basically offers the best of both rural and urban areas.

On one side, the world-famous Australian Outback is the habitat of unique animals that are only found in the country. On the other hand, it is a place of popular urban areas.

As a traveller, Australia has many treats for you that have the following:

Urban paradises – As mentioned above, Australia showcases vibrant and modern cities that are unique in landscape and culture. One of the most famous, Melbourne, is considered the world’s most liveable city in the Economist Intelligence Unit’s annual Global Liveability Ranking since 2011. Other famous cities are Sydney (the home of the iconic Sydney Opera House and the host of 2000 Olympics), Perth and Adelaide, each of which has its own offerings to global tourists.

Coastal adventures – Being an island country, it is bordered by the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. As such it has breathtaking coastlines of fantastic beaches and a wealth of water activities. Tourists can swim, surf, sail, kayak, dive, snorkel and sandboard in some of the best coastal areas in the world.

Trekking the Australian Outback – The area, like the savannas in Africa, is a unique spot for travellers. You can rent an off road caravan to travel to the country’s interiors where you can experience the vast dramatic landscapes where unique species of animals and plants live.

Deserts and rainforests – Being a large country in terms of land area, Australia offers diverse areas that house unique wildlife. You can immerse in the landmass by travelling using an off-road caravan. Get near the kangaroos, koalas or sea turtles, seals, saltwater crocodiles and gigantic whales.

Spend time with aborigines – Aborigines, the native inhabitants of the country, are still thriving in some parts of the country. You can experience their rituals, ceremonies and other cultural activities that have been in existence many thousands of years ago.