Things To Ponder About Family Law

When you say family law, it is obviously dealing with family problems that ended up in lawsuits. Most of the time though family law deals with divorce and related situations like child custody, dividing of properties and many others. It also deals with prenuptial as well as postnuptial agreements. When you are planning to separate with your husband, even if you don’t have any plans of getting married anymore, it is best to make it legal. You see, as long as you are tied legally to your husband, then he still has rights on you and even in your income whatsoever. This is why, the best thing to do here is hire family lawyer from Brisbane so that your parting of ways will be legalized and your husband or wife for that matter cannot interfere with any of your business and you will just be two different and ordinary persons towards each other.

Here are some answers to common questions about family law:


  • As mentioned, if you are about to get a divorce, the best person to help you is a family lawyer. He is the one that knows best on what to and in protecting you as well as the right of your kids. He can advise you on things that you should do regarding this matter.
  • If you have no idea who to hire, you can ask from your friends and relatives as family law complications are really common these days. For sure they have someone they can recommend to you.
  • There are two grounds in which you can file for a divorce and that is the no-fault and the fault-based divorce. When you say no-fault, it means that each party is not really blaming one another like they simply don’t want to live together anymore. It could be that they are not compatible or they have been living separately for a long period of time already. With the fault-based ground, one of them might have committed something that cannot be forgiven by the other party like adultery, physical or mental abuse and still a lot more.
  • When it comes to the property, it is usually the couple who will decide in this matter. The law will only interfere if they can’t settle and the other party is complaining legally. When this happens, then the court will be the one to divide the property. But the court will let each party have the assets they respectively owned which are not considered as conjugal.
  • As for the children custody, they still have the say though if again, they can’t come up with an agreement, then the court will be the one to decide for them and the interests of the children will be prioritized. It means whoever can provide the most in all aspects will be the one to have the custody like he can provide for the kids financially and he can also provide a better home for them. Of course the other party should also contribute financially and can visit the kids.