Talking about Roof Painting

Ever thought about getting your roof painted, but it just seemed like a silly idea? Or maybe you thought it would be too costly? Roof painting is a very common practice and every day thousands of individuals pay to get their roof painted, or even do it themselves! Here are some reasons why people would want to get their roof painted, as well as the cost to hire a professional roof painting contractor vs the cost to do it yourself.

So, have you ever wondered why people get their roof painted in the first place? There are usually two main reasons why:


They might have to! Yes, that’s right! Many neighborhoods with Homeowner Associations make it a requirement to have your roof painted a certain color or way. Not doing so could lead to things from simple neighborhood disputes, to fines, to even being forced to move out of the neighborhood or jailed! All of this depends on the influence of the Homeowners Association, but many would rather just pay to have the roof painted than deal with the hassle of it all.

It makes them look distinguished! Nobody wants to feel like they’re just another face in the crowd. Many people paint their roofs odd or crazy colors so that their house will stand out. Others require roof painting simply because they like a particular color (Personally, here we have a house that is 100% neon pink!) or they just got their roof renovated. Either way, having a nice painted roof is a good way to make your home (or at least your roof) distinguished among the others in the neighborhood.

Now that we know why most people get their roof painted, we need to know how much it would be to hire a professional. Well, many homeowners will spend between $900 and $2,400 to have it done by a professional, with the average cost being a little above $1,600. Sound too expensive? In that case, if you have the necessary skill set you can do it yourself! You would only be paying for the amount of paint you need, which on average is between $80 and $200. The only problem is to find a way to buy or rent the machine. The average cost of a roof painting machine is about $5,000, but there are many places you can go to just rent one. Whichever you choose I’m sure your new roof is going to look fabulous with that fresh coat of paint on it!