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Falling off the Wind by Richard Meibers Book Review


Falling Off The Wind
Falling Off The Wind
by Richard Meibers
Edition: Paperback
Price: $11.64
12 used & new from $9.92

5.0 out of 5 stars Sailing at sea with my lover, December 12, 2012
This review is from: Falling Off The Wind (Paperback)

Falling off the Wind by Richard Meibers was given to me for a free review by The Cadence Group. This is the author’s fourth novel he has written. “Falling off the wind: a sailboat falls off the wind when it points its bow further from the eye of the wind. The opposite of heading up into the wind. “

I have to admit I am not much of a sailboat fan or wanting to read much, although this novel was very educating in the ways of sailing. There were many words I would look up as to understand what the writing meant. The book talks in “Spanish” at times so if you are not aware of how to speak the language it can set you off into a different direction.

The Schooner is a sailing boat with two or more masks and 50 year old Clement Scheutz and Samantha sail the named Panacea. It is a boat which they bought and wanted to rebuild because it is a 65 foot wooden-hulled boat built in the 1920′s that was used as a British racing boat. Not married but together is Samantha and Clement. Samantha is much younger and after seven years on the Schooner at sea they begin to have doubts of each other’s lives and the lives they chose together sailing. In order to continue to sail as they both love to do, they go to the coast of Puerto Rico and try to make money to keep sailing, eat, get supplies and continue their love of sailing.

The story takes through a love story and a horrible hurricane (Hugo) which hits Culebra bringing with it destruction no one could ever imagine.

I would recommend anyone that loves sailing, water, hurricanes, and romance lovers to pick up a copy today.
© 2012 Jackie Paulson


Curb Chek by Zach Fortier

Curb Check by Zach Fortier

I received this book complimentary from Zach himself!   This book chronicles the experiences of a Police officer’s life.  It tells us what the ups and downs are of the Police officers day to day calls.  Anyone who is interested in becoming a police officer or who likes this type of work would feel the realities of each story or call Zach displays.

In Chapter one he tells us that “I wonder how the taxpayers might feel if they knew that only three cars patrolled the entire unincorporated are of the county, all that space between the city and town, the wide open patches between the island of civilization.  That’s three cars and a sergeant, and maybe a k-9 unit-if we’re lucky.”  What I already knew because I had dated a cop in my past for three years and know all about the police industry.  I learned the lingo back then and it was crazy to me that they might have two cops on duty for four beats…which means that if they had one accident across town then all the officers would be at that one and no cop patrolled or were able to get to other calls.  Talk about pressure!  That is reality!  I could go on and on but you get my drift and the authors drift.  Basically, we as a society are not protected as you may believe.

Before Zach was a police officer he served in the military as a police officer.  I had thought that being a police officer would be easier as a civilian job or career once a man did Military experience.  In the Military they would train to scan fields and buildings and watch traffic flows for anything out of the ordinary.  In the military “you take orders from higher ups.”  In the police departments you get a call and just do what you have to do with the training you have learned.   Zach talks about being MP and how it lacked opportunities for real experiences because all you did was train and drill and independent thinking was not encouraged.  In the MP you learned to handle your weapon in the dark, reloading, unloading, fixing failures by feel, not by sight and learned to shoot effectively at night before the invention of night sights.

In the cop world, it really is the exact opposite.  In his book each chapter has a new story or a new call that he experienced firsthand.  He had to deal with “almost being killed,” to “making friends with the gang members.”  He talks about that few seconds he could have been there to save the “dead woman” by her estranged husband. After telling his life experiences and several failed marriages he finally turns in his badge for a better life.

Jackie Paulson © 2012 All Rights Reserved.



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About Jack CanfieldAbout Jack Canfield 

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For more than 40 years, Jack has been training and coaching entrepreneurs, educators, corporate leaders, and people from all walks of life (and of all ages, cultures and backgrounds) how to create the life and results they desire – and he can do the same for you! 

His bestselling book, The Success Principles: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be has been hailed as the new self-improvement classic, containing 64 of the most powerful secrets to success used by top achievers from all walks of life. 

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