Staying Safe With Windows And Door Security Systems

Most homes have metal bars on all windows as a security measure. While most homeowners feel that this is a wonderful safety feature for their homes, this is usually not the case. Metals bars are not aesthetically appealing and instead of reducing the risks, they actually enhance certain risk levels. They Unattractive metal bars might prevent buglers from entering into a home but they are also a threat to the safety of the entire family. In the event that there is a fire, metal bars might be a huge stumbling block in the attempts to get away from harm.

Saying Safe in Emergencies

During fire emergencies, the ability to quickly and easily exit a home makes a huge difference. Instead of window bars, a crimsafe security screen mesh system in Caboolture can offer protection from undesirable elements. The mesh system is also a great approach to privacy and is a safe option when there is a need to instantaneously escape from fire within a property. Instead of the home becoming a prison, it should be a fortress but should also offer an easy exit when the need arises.

The Importance of Lessening Risks



Fires in residential homes have the ability to suddenly accelerate and overrun exits. Such situations make bars on windows a death trap thus elevating risk levels. Despite the presence of an emergency response team, it might be very difficult for a family barricaded inside a home to be reached. This is why families should consider replacing bars on the windows with a crimsafe security screen mesh. The security screen is ideal because it reduces risks from external threats and curtails the probability of the entire family getting trapped inside the residence in the event of emergencies.

Using a Multipurpose Approach

Crimsafe is a multipurpose screen that can be used for security from hurricanes, fire, and as a solar screen. The product also has a keyless system that enables a family to have quick and safe passage from their homes in case the need arises. The sliding security doors and custom screen for windows have been designed with emergencies in mind. This is why they are very easy to operate during an emergency. It is not ideal to fumble with keys because of panic during emergencies. With a crimsafe keyless system in place, the possibility that one will fumble during an emergency and waste valuable time is eliminated. A home should be a fortress, but during an emergency, getting out should be simple and fast.