Skills Needed In Dogging

Dogging is a type of high risk work in construction. It involves the slinging techniques used to move loads such as heavy pipes and equipment on construction sites. Dogging also involves the directing of a hoist or crane outside of a crane operator’s view, the directing is done by use of radios or sometimes even whistle or hand signals. The term ‘dogger’ or ‘dogman’ is usually used in reference to the person doing the dogging on a site.

As a dogger, there as certain skills that one should naturally have. The ability to concentrate completely on a task without allowing yourself to be distracted is one of the skills that one should have before obtaining a doggers ticket. The job can be intense and a construction site can be really busy, your job as a dogman needs you to stay alert on your task without getting distracted by everything else that’s going on, on the site.

Following verbal instructions and having great communication skills is also important when you want your doggers ticket. The entire work process of a dogger is incredibly dependent on the dogger’s communication skills. You need to be able to communicate well with the crane operators that you work with; this will ensure efficient work and no accidents on the construction site.

A dogger should have excellent coordination skills. Your entire job relies on your ability to direct crane operators. You will not get a doggers ticket it you have poor coordination skills. It is a dogger’s primary job to direct a hoist or crane, and to do so accurately.

With great coordination skills, a dogman should also be able to measure distance visually. You can only imagine how important this skill is. You must be able to determine the distance that the crane should travel when the crane operator moves it, so that you can direct them as accurately as possible.

Other skills that you would need as a dogger would be a keen interest in practical work and excellent manual skills. You need to enjoy working outdoors because that is where you will spend most of your time but most importantly you should work well in teams.

Dogging is a great job that can lead to endless job opportunities. Through hard work and perseverance you will master these skills and even more when you receive training for your doggers ticket from Sunshine Coast and you will have a very fruitful and advantageous career dogging.