Signs of Termite Invasion

As one of the most dreaded insects, termites are notorious for its voracious appetite for wood. For many years, this insect species has caused damage to many homes, especially in the past when timber was the preferred material for house building. If you fail to treat the wooden parts of your home, hordes of this devastating critters can feed on them greedily, making them in danger of crumbling down.

But there are times when they have sneaked into your home without being aware of their presence. Often, you can only find out that they have infested your home by noticing some signs. If you see any of these, contact termite exterminators immediately:

Subterranean tunnels

One species, subterranean termites, find and store their food by creating subterranean tunnels. These tunnels can be 20 centimetres underground with a diameter of up to 50 metres or even more. They are mostly used by worker termites and sometimes by soldiers.

Swarmers or fallen wings

Swarmers are young males and female winged termites emerge from their nest to mate during spring just after the last freeze. This is also the time when they are finding a new place to start a colony. One of the possible candidates is your home. Their presence gives you a warning that termites are nearby and their attack in your home is imminent.

Wood damage

Termites consume wood from inside out. When you spot wood damage such as cracks and fissures, the probable reason is the interior of the wood is already devoured by these pests. If you knock the damaged wood and hear a hollow sound, this means that the pest has already attacked this portion of your home.

Paint bubbles

These spots are often signs of moisture build-up caused either by damage in the pipes or an attack of these dreaded insects.

Except for fallen wings, the signs above can only be seen after months or years of termite infestation in your home. To avoid being caught off-guard, you need to contact Termites services. If you are about to buy a new property, you may need to have it inspected by building inspectors first to find out if it is already termite infested.