Polycarbonate Storm Shutters Are Your Cyclone Season Protection

When storms are coming, there are different ways to be safe. This is especially true when you are experiencing the cyclone season of Australia, typically around early June onwards until the next summer. Having storm shutters to take care of your home helps to keep things from flying away with the wind, saving your windows from any untoward damage.

A new style of window treatments has become useful add-ons to keep not only strong wind and rains away but also make sure that your windows are fully protected. A polycarbonate window shutter is a clear fitting for your window’s outer frame. What this does is close the arch windows fully, removing any chance of debris breaking your precious glass windows. There’s a lot of upside to using them as well and here are some:

• First and foremost, the best out of the advantages that polycarbonate treatments give you is their unobtrusiveness. Since they are clear, you have unparalleled vision using the plastic body as a cover. This is a good way for you to survey your surroundings, especially in the event of storms and cyclones that are hitting your general area directly.

• Since this acts as a storm canopy, they are weather-proof and highly durable. They are known to be able to stand up to heavy rain, hail storms, strong winds and even debris from cyclones. If you need to eventually evacuate, you can leave these shutters on to reduce any chances of further damage to your home.

• Whilst a polycarbonate storm shutter is not designed to protect you from sunlight, it does, however, reduce heat and some are even UV treated. Since it does not transfer heat like other types of storm shadings like aluminium or metals, you get reduced heat in your home, which then further saves you money since you spend less on electricity for cooling.

• The material is made from high strength plastics that act as hard caps for your window area, most specifically the outdoors. They’re designed to stand up to 210 km per hour of strong winds, together with the ability to keep hail and projectiles away.

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