Selecting the Best Belt Conveyor

Your business requires conveyor belts if it involves the passing of goods from one place to another. Gone are the days when the goods are passed on from one person to another. To facilitate speed and the safety of the goods, you need to look for the best belt conveyor. The conveyor system is composed of dual pulleys, but in some cases, it can be more. One of the dual pulleys is powered which allows for the conveyor belt to move forward. One of the pulleys is referred to as the drive pulley while the other one is referred to as the idler pulley which is the unpowered pulley. There are basically two classifications of the belt conveyor and the first one is the general handling of materials which moves boxes inside the warehouse. The second one is the bulk material handling which moves sands, grains, among others.

This is available in various shapes and sizes as well as materials. In addition, it is also composed of interchangeable materials or components apart from the add-ons which you can purchase. It can be quite overwhelming to choose the right one for your needs since these are versatile and can be bespoke based on your specific needs. Our company is here to help you make the wise decision so you can utilise the belt conveyors in the many years to come.

The steep conveyor is designed to move heavy materials vertically. This type can be designed to function at different angles depending on your requirements. You have an option to add-on a cleat for the reduction of materials falling backwards.

The reversing shuttle belt is designed to move both forward or backwards. Since it is mounted on a rail, the movement direction can be changed depending on your needs.

Our business is to give you the best belt conveyors. Talk to us and we will analyse the right belt for your business. We have different kinds of materials which are very durable and can withstand the weight of the materials. Materials for cold conditions, for dry and hot conditions, and materials for wet conditions. We also have various add-ons to make moving of goods more precise. We take extra care in the manufacture so you can be certain that the belt conveyor will work at its optimum performance at all times.