Seek the Help of Work License Solicitor

If you have been charged with a traffic law violation, then it is likely that your driver’s license will be revoked and you are disqualified from driving. These days, there are a lot of traffic violations which have been fined unreasonably and this is due to the fact that the police officers can detect even minor violations due to advanced tracking technology and this is where you can seek the help of our solicitor.

Police officers can now scan hundreds of car plates in a matter of few minutes and as a result, more people are charged with more offences which adds up to their records and if you exceeded the points, then your license will be revoked. Once your license is revoked, then you cannot drive for a certain period. This can have a huge impact on your daily earnings since you need to drive in order to work. By seeking the help of work license solicitor, you will apply for an extraordinary driver’s license or special hardship order. This means that since you have a competing reason to drive (in your case, in order to work and earn a living) even if your driver’s license has been revoked. By seeking the help of our solicitor, the extraordinary driver’s license will allow you to drive to work even if your driver’s license has been revoked temporarily. But conditions apply and this is why you need the help of the solicitor.

The solicitor can help you with many issues and one of which is to be your representative in the Magistrate’s court or Children’s court in some instances. The kind of help that will be given to you will depend on the severity of the traffic violations you have made. Here are some of the assistance you can receive from the work license solicitor:

•    The defence you have that will lessen the penalties so you can be granted with an extraordinary license
•    The penalties that can be given to you
•    Bail application

Those are just some of the assistance that can be given to you. If you will get the services of work licence solicitor, the chances of being awarded in the Magistrate court the extraordinary license are very high. You will be able to work again even if your driver’s license is revoked temporarily. Allow us to help you file your case.