Reasons Your Roof Needs Regular Re-Painting

As one of the most noticed parts of your home, the roof can be an important element in making your house look appealing. It is a crucial area of your home design that should be given enough attention to make your home attractive to your visitors and possible buyers.

Aside from increasing the curb appeal of your house, effective roof painting, especially to metal roofs, can provide many benefits. Here are some of them:

Provide additional coat to defence – The materials of the unpainted roof are exposed to the damages such as rusting, cracking and scratching because of the rain, extreme heat, hail, the wind and other natural elements. Coating your metal or even other types of the roof with acrylic or oil-based paints every 2-4 years or elastomeric coating every 5-10 years can extend your roof’s lifespan.

More affordable and cost-effective than replacing – Re-coating your roof can be an alternative to replacement, especially if it has no major damage. This can allow you to save more money to buy more durable roofing in the future. Your roof can be coated many times as long as it is not damaged.

Higher resale value – Everyone wants to own a well-maintained home. As such, your effort in making it look brand new can give your buyers the impression that your house receives outstanding treatment from you. One of the most noticed parts is the roof, so re-coating it with hues that harmonises with those of other parts of your home can contribute to the overall appeal of your residence.

In choosing which colours to use for your roof painting job, here are a few things to take note:

Colours of your exterior – Consider the hues of the exterior walls, doors, windows, as well as the house landscaping. Make sure the hues follow a scheme to make them blend beautifully.

Dark versus light hues – Dark-coloured roofs absorb more heat whilst lighter-coloured ones deflect it. If you live in a warmer climate, it is best to use lighter-hues, whilst dark-coloured roofs are best in colder climates.