Perfect Holiday Retreat At Subic Bay

What could have been the perfect holiday destination? For couples with kids, you can go out of the country and visit the Philippines. It has a lot to offer more than the seven thousand islands. There are incredible food, unique culture, and beautiful azure blue sea. If you haven’t been to Subic Bay, you definitely need to visit the place and be amazed by its striking beauty.

Situated in the northern part of the Philippines, Subic Bay is nothing ordinary. It is known to be one of the best places to retire in the country, thanks to its serene environment and rich biodiversity. This place is just a short 3 to 4 hours away from the airport by land but you can also get there in an hour via Seaplane.

Arriving on the shore, you can clearly witness a hint of modernity as Subic has been developed by country’s businessmen. Whatever food and activity you want, you’ll surely get it. There are sushi bar, Italian food, American establishments and more. Kids can be exposed to a different culture and learn so many things about the Filipinos.

For activities, you can easily choose for water sports like jet ski, banana boat, flying fish, parasailing and more. There are plenty of tourist spots too like the Subic safari and water adventure. Your kids can learn so much about the biodiversity and how to preserve mother nature. There are entertaining shows too, like dancing sea lion and dolphins.

If you’re here for business opportunities, then you got yourself a good deal. Check out their real estate Subic and turn into establishments like rental houses, restaurants, souvenir shops and more. This way, you can go back to this paradise whenever you want and invite closest friends and family to witness a great sunset.

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