You Need to Do These Before Signing a Corporate Catering Contract

If you are the one taking care of the company party, you may feel compelled to take the easiest path out—get the first corporate catering service you find. Stop! Don’t do it. Even professionals will tell you that it’s best to shop around and have certain criteria. Before signing that contract, try to do a few things that can confirm if the caterer is worth it.

Pick a Few

First off, cut the swathe down to a few vendors. Take out the people with the least amount of experience as they are more likely to make problems in the middle of the event. Remove the people who can’t provide the right amount of manpower as corporate events are typically done with a waiting service.

Visit Them

Next, visit the working area of your corporate catering service. More than a safety aspect that you need to demand, this is to confirm how everything is made properly.

There have been many horror stories of caterer services that are not up to spec when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness, so it’s a welcome sight if you can observe how the entire business runs.

Consider the Menu

Consider the menu options and see the specialities that your caterer boasts. Many catering services are better in certain fields than some. See what you value and what you think will be more appreciated by your guests. Depending on the type of event, bar service may also make or break the enjoyment of it.

Corporate catering is effective with enough manpower to take care of the entire operation. From the wait staff to the delivery people to runners, your catering company needs to have enough people to take care of the guests until the end of the event. Having this service will greatly contribute to the success of what should be a stress-free event.