Moving Tips: How To Help Removalists

Even though hiring removalists may seem enough from your part, you need to realize they are people, too. In other words, the more you pitch in, the sooner the work will be completed, and the more control over the process you will have. This does not mean that you need to do everything by yourself, though; there are some things that are better off left to the professionals. But there are also things that you can do while waiting for them to arrive and finish the job.

For instance, you could call them ahead of time to make sure they will be available when you need them rather than postponing it until the very last minute and demanding removalists drop everything and service you at once. Also, if the things have been already packed up into boxes before the removalists have arrived, you will save both time and money – otherwise, they will wait for you to finish packing and you will be paying them by the hour…

Speaking of fees, make sure to ask about their working hours and what happens if they go over the allotted time – will you have to pay them overtime or penalty fees or what? Parking permits may be required as well, so make sure nothing and nobody obstructs their way – and yours, too.

Also, keep the removalists appraised of any changes in your schedule, unless you like paying fees and covering wages that were not earned, because you called off everything at the last minute. The entire process of inclusion of these removalists into the process need not be reduced to phone calls and emails, either. In fact, if you have them scout the locations they will be moving you in and out of, it could save you quite a bit of trouble, by avoiding unforeseen circumstances and all.

Make sure to find out which of your belonging they plan to load first and arrange the layout accordingly. After all, if they plan to start off with large furniture and you have boxes all over the floor, the maneuvering would be next to impossible, and damaged property is almost inevitable. And while you are at it, check if they are insured or if you need extra insurance, just in case.

Which case? Well, a parked, unattended moving van (the workers are all busy) can be a juicy target for thieves, so make sure someone keep watch and that everything is accounted for; make lists if you have to. And if they are understaffed, you might be expected to pitch in as well, so try to preempt this by insisting they send enough men to do the job. If everything else fails, keeping a second company’s number in your phone could save the day. See