How to Keep Hot Water Systems up and Running

Whatever type of water heating system you have, you always need to keep them up and running. To do this, you have to do an annual service, yearly system inspection, and a major tune-up every five years.

You don’t want that one day when you are enjoying a hot shower, you’d suddenly be washed with freezing water. Or there would be a time when you feel cold and in need of drinking a glass of warm water, but it wouldn’t be available. Hot water systems should be taken care of by professionals. It is better to know some basic things that can help to save money for your system.

How to Do an Annual Service by Flushing

  • First, attach a hose to the hose bib below the tank.
  • Place the other end of the hose on a tub or pale, where you can gather the water that will be drained. Then, turn on the valve so the water would flow. Be careful in handling the water that will be drained for it is hot.
  • Remove the hose from the hose bib below the tank.
  • Transfer the hose to the pipes connected to the insulator, and repeat the process in draining the hose bib.

How to Do Yearly Inspection

  • Look for an evidence of leakage. Check the pipes, tank, relief valve and panels.
  • Is it working properly? See whether the pumps are working only during the day time and if your system consumes more energy than it should.
  • Examine whether there are loose wires and misaligned wire connections as they might spark and cause a fire.
  • Check whether the panels are loose, the screws and the bolts. Make sure everything is tight and is in place.
  • Make sure you clean any dirt as they might clog your system.
  • See if there is a crack on the insulation and if there is any, replace the insulation.

If you are planning to do a major tune up by yourself, DON’T. Major tune-ups can only be done by professional hot water repairs and maintenance service and should be done every five years. To keep your systems up and running, just remember not only to keep it clean but flush it regularly. More importantly, have it inspected at least once a year and have it tuned up every five years.