How To Swim With Humpback Whales

Whales are not only considered to be the largest living mammals on earth, but is also classified as the largest animal to inhabit the planet in its entire lifetime. There are approximately 86 different recognized species of these large sea mammals and they are often subdivided into smaller groups due to the large differences observed among various whale species. The Humpback whale is classified as a baleen whale, which is one of the sub-species of whales. This specific type of whale is quite large, weighing an average of 36,000 kilograms at adulthood. They can also range in length from 12 to as much as 16 meters. These whales are identified by their unique body shape, their knobby head and their pectoral fins that are usually very long. They can also live up to 50 years. Many people are also very interested in finding out how they can swim with Humpback whales.

To swim with one or more of these whales are often considered a true privilege. Even though many resorts and island destinations offer package tour and underwater adventures, they can never actually guarantee that a Humpback whale will be present while underwater. For this reason, many people tend to find out where these whales are present at different times of the year. By finding out where they are located mostly during each season, people are able to increase their chances of spotting these whales and become more likely to swim with Humpback whales on their trip.

While whales usually do not mind weather conditions, it is a known fact that certain whiles, such as the Humpback, are often present at some locations during the latter part of Winter, as well as during the early parts of Spring. In order to swim with Humpback whales, people also need to adapt to the fact that the whales can be present in any weather condition. This means that individuals interested in swimming with these whales need to be prepared to enter the underwater world at any time and under any weather conditions – be it raining, sunny or windy.

People also need to realize that only a limited number of people are usually allowed to enter the water as a group when preparing to swim with Humpback whales. These groups usually contain approximately four individuals that enter the water at the same time. A group leader, who is already experienced with this type of activity, is also usually recommended in order to ensure everyone is safe and do not cross any borders.