How Can You Benefit From A Granny Flat

For sure by now everybody knows what a granny flat is. But still for those who have heard this term for the first time, a granny flat is a kind of second dwelling that is usually attached to the main house. However, if can also be built separately but still just near the main house like at the side or at the back yard. You don’t need to apply for permits with granny flats but you have to follow the codes about this. There are some specifications that must not be exceeded or else, it cannot be considered a granny flat anymore but a regular building that needs so many permits to be built. The reason why this structure is call a granny flat is because it is supposed to be a dwelling for the grannies. However, that is not the case anymore today and in fact, they are now even turned into so many functions.

Having your own granny flat is beneficial and the reasons are enumerated below:

– If you are not yet married or you just got married but can’t afford a new house of your own, then living in a granny flat will be much better so that you can have your independence. When you are married, your partner might not be comfortable living with your parents and they might end up having silent war. So, instead of risking that situation, you can just have a granny flat for the time being while you still have no kids.

– The good thing about granny flats is you can also equip them the same way as you equip a regular house. If you are just renting one or you are really building one, then you even have the luxury to incorporate the facilities you will rather have as long as it is permitted. Yes, just like a typical house, portable granny flats are completely customizable.

– If you are still a bachelor and you want to be independent, then you can do that in a granny flat. You can do anything you want on your own and will live comfortably but affordably. By far, compared to renting an apartment, living in a granny flat is much better.

– Actually, a granny flat can be used in so many ways and not just as your own dwelling. You can use it to really provide shelter to your parents who don’t want to live with you anymore as they are not comfortable. Being in a separate dwelling but still just near your place for you to still be able to monitor them will also bring comfort as you will not be worried about them. You can ran to them anytime the need will arise.

Granny flats are indeed in trend these days, do you know that there are even now portable granny flats? Yes, this is so true and if you want to own one, then just check out some providers as I am pretty sure you can find them online.