Home Renovation on a Budget? Here are the ABCs!

If you are thinking of transforming your current living space into something contemporary, vintage traditional or any other design, I’m sure you already know no matter how much of enthusiasm you have initially, you will be clumsy when you hear the quotes from the contractors. Yes, a home renovation will cost you a lot of money. If you are an ambitious DIY-er who wants to still renovate your home, you could try some of the following ideas.

You must already know a home renovation include hiring a designer to replace, transform or completely remove the interior aspects of your home. Well, instead of hiring a decorator or a designer, you could put your creative mind to work. Research on the home decoration ideas. Try to stick to one consistent flow of genre and color combinations throughout the house. This includes transforming your furniture as well. You could still be in the borders of your financial parameters and transform the interior of your home.

Before diving into the internet to research on the interior designing of your home, you need know, no matter how elegant and contemporary the ideas look on the pictures, you might not have the financial or the geographical liberty to replicate them in your home. Before thinking of a home renovation, you need to understand the geographical nature of your surroundings. If it’s warm most of the year, maybe it is not the best idea to thick walls and less ventilation in your renovated home.

Speaking of a home renovation on a budget, something you could do is purchasing inexpensive materials to renovate or replace areas of your home that are not significant to the structure of the house but is there to merely add a finished look to your home. For an example we can consider the ceiling. You could use a beadboard from any local hardware and measure it carefully to fit your ceiling. If you are an experienced DIY-er this could be easily done. Also for your rooms, for a much completed and elegant look you could try installing crown molding which is, the trimming that can be done to connect the walls with the ceiling. Purchase crown molding either online or at a local hardware store.

A simplistic closet as a part of your home renovation can add an organized and a classy finished look for you home. You could pick up a cheap shelving unit from a local store or a used one online that’s appropriate for you closet. Make sure to give it the appropriate coat of paint it needs. Add inexpensive rods for hangers, attractive baskets etc. Engage your creative mind to achieve an elegant renovated home on a budget!

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