Herbal Tea Brands: Best Green Tea Brands to Buy

Drinking herbal tea has a lot of health benefits. For one, it is reported to have less caffeine compared to coffee. Tea is also a great source of antioxidants which fight the free radicals in the body. Furthermore, drinking herbal tea can also help in losing weight, especially green tea.

There are lots of herbal tea brands in the market which offer green tea. In looking for the best herbal tea brand for you, you might have the need to sample several brands before coming up with the brand which suits best to your taste. To lower down your choices, here is a list of herbal tea brands which offer green tea and will also give you the most out of your money.

1) Bigelow Green Tea. This herbal tea brand has been recommended by a lot of trusted health advocates. Bigelow Green Tea has also been reported to be infused with lemon, and has a favorable taste. Apart from being packed with antioxidants, it also contains caffeine so you can still enjoy it the way you do with cups of coffee.

2) Lipton Green Tea. This is one of the most popular herbal tea brands. Although a lot of people find the taste unfavorable, you can put the tea bag in less hot water, or infuse it with honey to sweeten. It contains caffeine and flavonoids, another kind of antioxidant which fights away the bad effects of free radicals.

3) Stash Premium Green Tea. This herbal tea brand’s unique identity is that every tea bag is wrapped in a foil paper to maintain its freshness and taste. Though it also contains caffeine, Stash also offers teas that are decaffeinated. The leaves that the company uses as ingredients are reported to be coming for Yamamotoyama’s Brazilian tea gardens.

4) Yogi Green Tea. Yogi is one of the herbal tea brands that uses one hundred percent all natural ingredients. This is also the brand that most tea drinkers choose. Apart from the delicate aroma and good taste, it also contains caffeine and antioxidants which is good for the body.

5) Numi Gunpowder Green Tea. Numi is another herbal tea brand that is guaranteed to be high quality and organic. It has a strong natural flavor, and is also chosen by many avid tea drinkers. Apart from being packed with antioxidants, it has less caffeine so this is also good even for night time drink.

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