Having A Second Photographer – Worth It Or Not?

The professional wedding photographer Sydney takes a big chunk of your dream-wedding budget. You are ready to give that away because you know your big moments are in safe hands. But then, you are not convinced about the ‘second guy with a camera’. Why do you need him when you already have a pro by your side already? Before regretting on your wedding day for not having a second photographer, read this article to know why you need him.

Imagine this…

The bride is walking down the aisle towards the handsome groom. The soft smile on the bride’s face with a tiny teardrop on the corner of her eye is twinkling. The groom sees the love of his life in her most beautiful form in a pretty bride dress and cannot hold himself any longer. He breaks into tears, the tears of joy. The bride and groom stand before the priest and take vows. The audience sheds some tears of joy when they wish them all the good luck. This is what your wedding day will be like. And you want all of these memories in frames, don’t you? But how is this possible if you have only one person for the job of capturing the photos? If there are two photographers at both ends of the aisle, they both can lock these moments for you.

A person only for you

After all, it’s your wedding day. You should have a lot of photographs of yours and your spouse only. But there are your friends and families in the ceremony. A second photographer takes care of them while the first photographer focuses on you. So, you don’t need to share your photography time with others.

They can work with each other

The main photographer and the second photographer can work jointly for some moments to conjure up some new perspectives in the wedding photos. They can simply help each other with the pieces of equipment. While one is clicking, other can focus on your posture. Not every photographer has mastered all the techniques of capturing photos. So, if anyone of them is bad at anything, the other one may do a good job in that area. That way you do not miss anything. During the large group photos, additional help is always welcome.

Finally, you will always have a backup…

Unfortunate things happen without any warning. What if one of your photographers makes a tiny mistake and all of his captured photos vanish without him knowing about it? What if his camera just breaks down for some reason? You will be spared from the suffering of not having photographed on your big day because there is another professional photographer. Yes, there will be some trouble with just one photographer but at least you get some good snaps.

I hope now a second photographer is not a confusion anymore. If budget is an issue for you then you can surely consider leaving an extra photographer from the budget. But in that case, you need to consider sharing your photographic time with the rest of your guests. All in all, spending some on a second photographer will be worth it.