Hate School Uniforms? Here’s How to Look More Appealing

We know that you hate your uniforms and you’re tired as always go to school in the same serious outfit that does not represent you at all. As in most high schools, uniform regulation is very strict and you cannot dodge. For this reason, we thought of a few ways you can give your school uniforms allure.

Head or Hair Bands

In your school outfit, you can change very few things. You can count on accessories to customise your uniform and emphasise it. A colourful headband, for example, is an accessory that could get you in a positive highlight amongst your colleagues. Besides that, it will appeal to teachers—the hair bands can be a splash of colour that will revitalise your outfit. On the market, you can find dozens of models, so all you must do is find a suitable one for you.

If you have straight but thin hair, it is advisable to choose a simple wreath or one coloured but tiny bead resiliently applied. If you want one with a bow or flower, make sure these applications are tiny.

If your hair is rich, wavy or with more volume, you can choose a flower wreath with a bow or something bigger without looking ridiculous. Of course, you can opt for simple designs or wrapped in a coloured plastic material with different prints: dots, flowers or animal prints.

Brooches or Badges

Other tricks to customise uniforms is brooches or badges. Obviously, they cannot be the same as the ones wearing the clothes you wear when going out on the town or at the club. Choose brooches in enamel in the shape of pets, flowers or fruit. Owls are fashionable. Also, brooches can be caught tinier multi-coloured scarves or berets. You will get an adorable and very French look.

For a British look, inspired from Blair of “Gossip Girl”, choose a delicate bow tie in bright colours. This will radically change your outfit. You can also choose a striped or polka dot bow tie, which has an extra advantage—in aligns the silhouette. If you are a rebel, you can catch a crooked tie and make sure it stays and really can catch a crooked sideways with a delicate brooch. Last but not least, if the uniform is a skirt and want to get rid of the jeans, you can wear it with a pair of colourful socks. If you have thin legs, the colour options are endless.

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