Handle Termites On Your Own

Termites are household pests that move in and take over, infesting every inch of your home and weakening wooden structures and fixtures. They are tiny little creature who can cause devastation and mass destruction. An infestation of termites can lead to problems with the integrity of your home structure and if you happen to be selling your home, if you don’t get rid of the termites, you don’t get rid of your home.

It is always best to hire a professional pest control company from Gold Coast to take care of your termite woes but there are instances where individuals prefer to attempt the DIY route but bear in mind that spreading and applying these chemicals may not be for everyone.

There are two methods of termite treatment and control, liquid termite insecticides and termite baits.

The liquid termite treatment is usually used as a barrier or to treat soil which is infested with termites. The aim of this termite treatment is to prevent termites from entering the structure and to prevent termites already in the structure from getting back to the soil and moisture which they need to survive.

The liquid termite treatment method is a method what work quickly and efficiently and can be applied in close proximity to the termite infestation although, you may have to do some concrete drilling in order to apply the solution and create the barrier and this really may be just too much for any normal Joe to accomplish. Of course if you have space to move around and dose the entire perimeter of you home with the solution, then you should manage this method with ease.

Using these repellents does have it’d downside. If you do not dose the entire area and their in even the tiniest gap left in err, the termites will find it and they will enter the structure.

The termite treatment known as termite baiting does not involve dosing your homes exterior with chemical but rather setting traps of a sort that will attract the termites to them to feed, they will eat the poisoned product and die. Baiting is particularly useful in areas where poisonous solutions cannot be thrown on the soil surround the structure for fear that it may infect bodies of water which may cause illness if the water is consumed by pets or even humans.

Termites need to be eradicated quickly and efficiently before the damage becomes to great. If you have even the slightest idea that you may have termites, take action and fast.