Get a Sports Mouthguard from an Emergency Dentist

Sports may be good for the body but it is no secret dental injuries are pretty common especially in physical contact sports like basketball, hockey and football. There is even a bigger chance they occur in combat sports like boxing, wrestling and ultimate fighting. The common dental injuries that you can expect to get are bruising of the lips and fracturing of the teeth.

It is a good thing there is such thing as a mouthguard because it is something that prevents these types of dental injuries from happening. At Red Hill Dental, we recommend using mouthguards that are professionally made. Red Hill’s Dental Clinic offers a walk in service for residents of Brisbane City and our emergency dentist will be more than happy to measure your teeth in order to produce a mouthguard that perfectly fits you. The main purpose of the mouthguard is to protect the upper front teeth and soft tissues from an unexpected hit.

The Disadvantages of a Dental Injury

It is never a good feeling getting a dental injury because they would prevent you from doing a lot of things. If you are a varsity player then it is possible the injury will force you to miss games and it is never a good feeling to sit wearing street clothes while watching the rest of your team play. You would want to do everything in your power to help your team win but in the case of an injury, you have no choice but to cheer them or help with the strategy.

Another possibility is you won’t be able to eat right after getting a dental injury. It is possible the emergency dentist would suggest that you will have to avoid eating solid foods for the foreseeable future. It may be good for your health but it will make you mad since that is something you are not used to.

Reasons for a Custom-fitted Mouthguard

An emergency dentist highly recommends using a custom made mouthguard specifically for your teeth. After all, it would feel uncomfortable to use a mouthguard that does not fit your mouth. You don’t have to worry about not being able to talk properly while wearing a mouthguard because it does not have any effect in that.

Before the emergency dentist makes a mouthguard specifically for your teeth, she would ask about your dental history in order to come up with the type of mouthguard that is best suited for your sport. If you are playing multiple sports then that is something you should tell the dentist too.

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