Frequently Asked Questions about Big Letters

For those who are not familiar with big letters, they’re enlarged letters placed at events. They’re often used as a symbol to let guests know where it is being held. They can also be used as a promotion if it’s a company event. Guests would often take a picture with them if they’re nicely made. To be more familiar with these items, here are some frequently asked questions:

1)    How Long Does It Take to Set Up?

This depends on the location of the event. It normally takes an hour to set the big letters up but if the location is far, it may take more than that. It may take a couple of hours if the location isn’t easily accessible. Therefore, you should expect them to be setting up at least two hours prior to the start of the event.

2)    How Much Space Should be Saved?

It’s important to save a very big space for it. It would be better to put them at the front of the venue so they won’t be in the way. However, it’s recommended to have a second location in mind in case it rains.

3)    Do They Need Electricity?

The big letters need electricity to be lighted. If they aren’t placed near an outlet, they will provide adaptors so the outlet can be reached. The only time you won’t need electricity is if it’s for a day event. Otherwise, it won’t get noticed if it’s an event that’s scheduled at night.

After finding out you need big letters for an event, you must call an established provider. It’s important for these items to be made of high quality materials so they won’t break easily. You wouldn’t want to feel disappointed when the letters break when someone leans on them. It would be hard to not have these handy items at your glorious occasion as it’s an awesome way to get your guests talking. They’ll marvel at how amazing the occasion is while enjoying the food served at the event. They’ll also talk about the fun time they’re having.