Floor Stripping Service – Why Hire Us?

As your home ages with time, cracks and leaks will start to appear. And as a homeowner, you want nothing but the best kind of floor stripping and renovation. Luckily, you can now hire Totally Stripped, a company that specialises in this project. We consist of trained and experienced professionals that conduct services such as concrete grinding, wall tiling and floor stripping.

With over 30 years in the business of dealing with different types of flooring, we have been providing residents with quality services that give their homes a fresh and modern look by providing the floor and wall removal and replacement that it needs.

Numerous benefits are also seen in some of the services offered by Totally Stripped, such as floor stripping. Whether your flooring is made up of ceramic tiles, timber floors, terracotta, slate, carpet, granite, paints, pool tiles or marble; you name it, they strip them for you.


Our floor stripping professionals take proper precautions as they begin their operations in your home. Not only do they have the proper attire for it, they also have a prepared plan and the right set of tools and equipment that are suitable and safe for your home.

As mentioned above, our skilled and experienced floor technicians use high-tech equipment to make sure they not only get their work done as efficiently and meticulously as they can, but they also ensure the safety and value of your home. Through their modern equipment and experience, they’ll be able to attend to all the needs of your flooring and have their work properly executed.


And with our floor stripping team being in business for years, they are sure to have dealt with various complex situations that have made them experts in their field. They will not only be able to provide with a written quotation, but also a timeline on how long the entire operation will take and how much it will cost you.

We aim to promote honesty and transparency through our quotations. We want nothing more than to offer you services that fall within your budget whilst guaranteeing you that the quality of our service will not be affected.

Our team wants nothing more than to guarantee you with services that will increase the value of your home; and with our professionally trained team being more than qualified to work on your floors, you can be assured that you will be provided with comprehensive and proper floor care services that will not only keep them safe but also look amazing.

With floor stripping is a daunting task for a homeowner to do alone. Totally Stripped is happy to be of service to homeowners in providing them with only the top-of-the-line services and above-average results to help protect the value, safety and cleanliness of their homes.

If you wish to have floor stripping done to your place and If you want to see what other services we can do for your home, visit our contact details page to know more. Let’s get started on working on your flooring today!