Financial Advice: What You Need to Consider

For your financial advice requirements, it is only necessary that you take all considerations possible to ensure that you will achieve financial progress. Here are some important tips to keep in mind:

  • Choosing the Advisor

There are basic types of advisors and they are classified according to how they are paid: fee-based, commission-based, fee only, and hourly consultation.


These are the ones new in the field. They are typically affiliated with agents or brokers, who hold a license to sell both insurance and investments for a commission. They offer their service of financial planning for a fee and they also get commissions for selling products.


They sell products like annuities, insurance, and mutual funds and will receive commissions on those products after successfully closing a sale. More often than not they are employed by financial institutions.

Fee Only

This is highly recommended for asset management and planning needs. They are to act in the best interest of their clients. These advisors only make income or earning through flat fees, a percentage of the asset they manage or hourly rate.

They are not to get fees or commissions on products they sell and they usually provide a complete advice including retirement, investing, estate, insurance planning, education funding, and taxes.

Hourly Consultation

If you have questions or queries on a specific situation like going back to school, buying a house or selling a business, getting an hourly consultation is recommended. They will charge you based on the number of hours they provide and will give you a total cost that is based on the work needed.

  • Comprehensive Financial Planning

If you need financial advice that will help you create a road map in reaching your goals, this is your best route. They will help you understand various aspects of finances including education, investments, retirement, etc.

  • Asset Management

They are your long-term financial partner that will provide support in managing your money. They will offer continuous comprehensive planning throughout the different stages of your life.

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