Features of a Good Carpet Cleaning tools

There is no right or wrong way of choosing carpet cleaning tools. Prices can sometimes misguide us on what to pick. The notion that expensive things are the best might mislead buyers into buying tools without the essential features. People sometimes rush to buy discounted machines offers during Christmas and in the excitement of the discount, they forget to check if it has all the features they need. You purchase an item from the store and on getting home you find out that it is missing an essential feature. When buying a carpet cleaner, ensure that it has the following features:


Would you like to spray your detergent from your carpet? Some but not all have this feature. It can spray detergent on the carpet without you doing it manually. If it’s something you need, then you should go for this type.


The majority of cleaning tools have this feature, whereby it mixes water and detergent automatically. This, in turn, saves you time as a cleaner and you can do more.

Dry Vacuum

If you buy a vacuum, one must check if it has dry, wet or wet and dry option. Getting a dry vacuum is essential, so it can remove dirt for you before you start cleaning. It makes work easier and faster.

Water Heater

This is especially necessary when you want to buy a steamer. You must make sure that this feature is present so that it heats up water and produces steam.


One must also make sure that it is durable and will last long. At least, get a guarantee on the machine, so in the case of any problems, it can be fixed free of charge.

Whilst shopping and the features you want are present, make sure that it is tested for you. Don’t just hit the power button and see that it turns on. No. Get it tested on a dirty carpet sample, see if it actually cleans the way you want it to. Check if it will leave the carpet wet or how it will clean a spill of milk. The shop attendants are there to help and advise you, but then you do not just want general features, do you? Seeing is believing, so make your eyes do all the work before you pay for a cleaner that might disappoint you in future. But if you want hassle free, consider hiring an expert like Adelaide carpet cleaning. They have the most accurate tools and right techniques for cleaning so you don’t have to worry about it.