Experiment with Herbal Tea Bags

It has become a trend to consume herbal tea these days. The consumers were initially only known to the regular ‘green tea’ found in the market. The choice today ranges from slimming teas to relaxation teas. The choice is so varied, that one often gets confused as to what is best for the body.


Trending with Matcha


In the recent past, matcha tea has gained its popularity as a health drink both in a powder form as well as in herbal tea bags. This tea has its root in China, and has its flavor spread world wide.


This is made from a variant of green tea, whose leaves are plucked, dried and then roasted and powdered to be able to consume either in the form of herbal tea bags or in eating form like in biscuits, cakes, milkshakes, ice creams etc. People have gotten very experimental with matcha powder, to such an extent by even creating liquor out of this ingredient.


But this is best when consumed as a hot beverage directly either pre or post meals. It is filled with antioxidants which boosts energy as well as helps build the immune system. Always purchase organic matcha powder to reap the best benefits it has.


One Can Also Try


Using herbal tea bags for other uses, and not just plain beverage consumption. Open up a pack of Mandarin orange herbal tea bag, empty it into a bowl, mix a little lemon and honey, and voila you got yourself an excellent face scrub. The tea when mixed with the lemon and honey releases good chemicals which give a brilliant sheen and freshness to one’s skin.


After using any herbal tea bags, do not throw them away in the garbage, just place them in a small cup of rose milk and place them in the fridge for a couple of hours. Once ready, remove the bags from the cup, drain out any excess milk from the bags and place them over your eyes. Those eye bags will disappear for good, in the process also making you creative and recycle.


Get experimental in the kitchen and use some of your herbal tea bags in desserts and garnishing. A mango milkshake, with a twist of lavender could surprise you in a good way. Adding green tea powder to a cake batter could also freshen up the flavor, and make one look like a professional chef. Go ahead, and see what magic herbal tea Australia bags can create.