Expected Mistakes Of Beginners In Horse Riding

Before, horses are the only means of transportation thus if you are a master in horse riding, you will have the chance to explore new territories and more foods. However, that is not the case anymore today. Horse riding is simply now a kind of hobby or sport where only those with means are usually into this. Well, the thing is, it is not easy to learn this skill especially if you are now well adept in taking care of the horses to start with. Well, of course there are people who can do this for you but then again, it is also important that you understand the ways of the horses so as to know what they are trying to do when you are riding them. Sometimes, there is something a horse would like to do like maybe it is thirsty or something in it is hurting and so on. If you are not familiar with their ways, then you will not understand them and therefore, you might be thrown away.

Now, here are some of the expected mistakes a beginner in horse riding will usually commit:

© jasonbyerly.com

© jasonbyerly.com

– He will have his hands in the air when he starts to feel insecure with his balance like when he feels wobbly. Yes indeed it is our common mannerism to have our hands in the air hen trying to balance and while doing that, it means that you have left the reins alone. It also means that you have no control over the horse. This should not be done that way and in fact, there should not be a moment when you are not holding the reins especially when you are still a beginner.

– There is a chance that because you are afraid to fall, you will use your legs to tightly grip the horse. Note that since the horse can’t understand our language, it will take cues from your actions and griping tightly might be misunderstood as your command to go faster. Riding a horse is all about balance instead of tightly gripping. Instead, just let your legs hang so that your weight will just fall down towards your heel.

– Another common mistake is when a rider ill slouch while riding a horse for some reasons. If you are doing the same thing, then you should stop this. Note that it will be hard to control the horse with you not properly sitting and besides, slouching can affect your balance and therefore can also affect your riding experience. Besides, when your balance is affected, the horse will also be affected to do its role. So, see to it that you are always in a proper position when going horse riding.

Horse riding might be an exciting sport but only when you already get the hang of it. While you are still not that skilled, you should be cautious always and try to learn more tips from the pros. Get some horse riding books! And lastly, you should be patient as this will not be done overnight.