Dining Experience At Bistro Restaurants

The hospitality industry of Australia is recognized as one of the best around the world. Australia has restaurants serving cuisines from all parts of the world, as people from various nations reside here. Bistros, cafes and other food joints are frequented by Australians throughout the week in order to try new cuisines and dishes.

A bistro restaurant is a small restaurant serving moderately priced food. Bistro settings are quite common in Australia, and are predominantly defined by the foods they serve. Bistros initially started out of the basement kitchens of apartments in Paris where tenants would pay for both room and board. The word ‘bistro’ is said to have been originated from the Russian word ‘bistro’, which means fast. The word was added to the French language during the Russian invasion of Paris in early 18th century. According to popular beliefs, Russian soldiers would shout ‘bistro’ to demonstrate their persuasion for food to be served quickly.

The bistro difference

Eating at this restaurant is a simple option, as one does not have to book tables in advance. A typical bistro is a small food joint, with a calm, rustic feel and ambiance to it, where wholehearted portions of food are served. The setting in the restaurant reflects European culture and architecture.

At these restaurants, one will usually find the menu handwritten on the ardoise, making the setting more appealing and attractive. In Australia, bistros are regularly packed with people of all age, wanting to enjoy a casual dinner.

Perfect destination for a casual dine-out experience

In Australia, restaurant is designed to give patrons a relaxed and calm experience. These food joints have courteous staff, who even make recommendations to customers visiting a bistro for the first time. Light music in the background is pertinent to all bistros; some may even have live music, which further enhance the beauty and elegance of the bistro restaurant.

Apart from serving the fixed menu, restaurant typically serve specials every day. The specials are usually decided depending upon the season, and includes crowd favorites. Patrons can visit bistros in groups, or with partners and can have a nice authentic meal. Bistros can be said to reflect the Quick Service Restaurant model, as they take very little preparation time, thereby keeping all their customers happy. To spend a relaxing weekend, patrons usually travel to the best restaurant in Brisbane with their family and folks, and unwind with authentic meals cooked from heart.