Different Types of Logo Design

When you are about to start your business, choosing the perfect logo design is important. This marketing tool will stand for your company and represent you and your products and services. It is the visual representation of your values, beliefs and functions. Picking the right design is a painstaking task, one which involves a deep understanding of your company and of how you want your prospective clients to view you. You will have to consider how it looks together with your products and how it will be seen on the marketing materials. It is one of the first things that your client will notice about you. Here are the different types:

Symbol or Icon

This type uses imagery that relates or represents your product or services. It is usually in abstract form and stylised to attract attention. This is usually done in shapes or symbols that can be easily recognisable for most people. It represents you boldly. One good example of this is the logo of Nike. It is also known as the Nike swoosh and represent the speed and wind blowing on you. When we see the logo though, spend and wind is the last thing we remember. What comes into our minds is the apparel that the company is selling.

Word Mark

The word mark is also known as the typographic logo design. Some of the popular brands use this kind for the sole reason that it would be easy to identify. Two good examples of are Disney and Facebook. Upon reading those words, even without seeing the logo. We immediately think of them.

Letter Mark

There are companies who opt for the letter mark and it is just a letter or bunch or letters representing the company and their products and services. This type is the simplest. A good example of companies using this are the fashion brands Louis Vuitton and Chanel.

Combination Mark

This type uses symbol or icon, the word mark and/or letter mark together. One good example of a company using this is Adidas. Their logo is made up of three slanting stripes with the word Adidas written below it.


This is more complex than others as it tends to incorporate the name of the company within the design. A good example of it is the logo of Starbucks.

Different types of logo designs work for different companies. When choosing one for your business, just make sure it will represent your company best. Check creative online logo designs and try our good and quality services.