Carpet Maintenance Tips

Carpets provide warmth and comfort; it can also spruce up your interior design. But in order to enjoy the benefits it brings, it must be maintained in a proper way. Here’s how:

Treat the Area Immediately

Act immediately to any stains or spillages. The longer the stains stay, the harder it is to remove. It can also lead to pile distortion and possible loss of colour.

Use Spoon

Scrape off any solid and food spillages using a spoon or spatula. You can clean the residue with dishwashing liquid after.

Vacuum Regularly

The best way to prolong your carpet’s life is to vacuum it regularly. Do it at least thrice a week to avoid poor indoor air quality and to save dollars for carpet replacement.

Use Walk-Off Mats

Limit how much dirt gets into the carpet by putting walk off mats on entrance or making a shoes-off rule. The less the foot traffic, the more it is easy to clean.


Again, never rub as it will only push the spill into the fibres. Blot from the outside in and continue the process until the dirt is gone. Spray some baking soda and vinegar mixture to clean the excess mess.

Don’t Let the Sun Shine In

Shutting your blinds and draperies or keeping out your floor covers to direct sunlight helps limit dust and dirt build-up.

Hire Professional Cleaner

People always overlook the importance of professional help, thinking they will save more money when they do it themselves. While that is applicable to some cases, it is still important to hire carpet cleaning Adelaide, at least twice a year. They provide equipment and methods to keep your carpets clean and sanitise. They also offer warranties and insurance to protect you from unexpected situations. Just look for a reliable company like That Carpet Guy.