Corporate Video: Making It Interesting During Orientation

One of the most common purposes of creating a corporate video is for orientation of new hire or aspirants purposes. If this is the purpose of using the corporate videos, then it is a must that it should be created in the most interesting way possible.

For you to do that, it is a must that you make use of the checklist below to ensure that you are creating one with the highest level of interest to your target audience or participants and making sure that messages are being sent across the clearest and most effective way possible:

Hype up the company

When you are organising an orientation for new hires, aspirants or applicants, it is important that you start your film production by hyping up the company.

•    Include the company’s achievements.

•    Make them aware of the company’s goals, mission and vision

•    Make use of your real employees. Let them share their success stories and satisfaction working with you

•    Include interesting facts about your company, it can be famous personalities that your company has dealt with, introducing the board of directors and other facts that may catch the interest of your target audience.

Set the environment right

Setting the environment right for your audience as they watch the video is a good way to keep them focused:

•    Let them sit in a comfortable chair. This is a good way to ensure that they are focused on the video and thinking of making themselves feel comfortable.

•    Make sure that the ambience of the room where the corporate video is being played is highly conducive for the participants. The room should be quiet and out of any possible distractions.

Pause the video on instances where information should be stressed out

Let the leader of the orientation pause on parts where there is important information that is needed to be stressed out. Let the speaker give further information to ensure that whatever it is flashed on the video will be clearly understood by the participants.

Pause when you see participants are showing disinterest/boredom/confusion

If the instructor or lead that participants are showing signs of disinterest, boredom or confusion, it is a must that they catch their attention. Be open for possible questions and make sure that anything grey will be cleared out right away. You can use the pause and play method if you see it effective or you can have the Question and Answer at the end of the video.

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