Coolsculpting Is A New Method Of Weight Loss

The new therapy uses cold to dissolve grease. Making it possible to remove excess fat without scalpel, without needles, pain or subsequent recovery period.

Coolsculpting is used in clinics. Enjoying success among both women and men as well. Fatty tissue under the skin are more susceptible to cold than the other surrounding tissues such as skin and muscles. In time, after such therapies in a range of two to six weeks, the fat cells die and the body eliminate them naturally through metabolic processes.

Another great advantage is that it prevents weight gain uneven. Results are achieved gradually and therefore are called to control patients a month and a half after performing fat removal procedures.

Basically, the patient will not suffer any pain. Any bruising, trauma or internal scars will not feel unpleasant sensation of cold and will not take part complications or side effects. But will enjoy exchanging bodily appearance desired.

Coolsculpting is a therapy that has received FDA approval of the European Community and the former American (Food and Drug Administration). According to experts, this type of treatment does not replace a healthy lifestyle, which involves healthy eating and exercise. But it will help reshape the body by removing localized fat deposits in areas that could not be eliminated through diet.


How does it work?

A special transducers is positioned on the selected area where it will act by vacuuming area (creating a vacuum) and by coolsculpting the fat. The fat cells are cells in the subcutaneous tissue of saturated fatty acids and, as such, are more susceptible to cold exposure. Other elements like exposed veins, peripheral nerves, melanocytes, fibroblasts or cells with a low-fat are much less sensitive to cold exposure. This feature makes adipocytes to be easily targeted and removed without affecting the surrounding tissue.

How are fat cells are removed?

The elimination of adipocytes unfolds as follows: – directly by crystallization, followed by apoptosis and cell dissolution with gradual lipids emissions over a period between 2 and 6 weeks. – Indirectly, as a consequence of the sympathetic nervous system stimulation that will induce lipolysis through.

How many treatment sessions are needed?

Depending on the thickness of the fat layer and, of course, how you want to reduce from it, it takes 1 to 3 sessions. The recommended time between two sessions of 45 days. This break between sessions is due time for the first session to make its effects felt, but also to prevent tissue damage.

The coolsculpting treatment from Brisbane is a safe way to reduce fat without having to undergo surgery. This treatment plus an active lifestyle and a healthy diet is a great way to achieve the body you are aiming for.