What to Ask a Potential Home Builder

One of the largest investments to make is building your first home. You may feel excited and scared because you don’t know what will happen in the process. With the right home builder, you can be spared from all the things that are bothering you. To gain confidence in choosing the contractor, here’s the list of questions to ask the expert:

  1. How do you compare your company from the rest?

One important tip before starting with the interview, don’t ask questions that can be answered using the information posted on the company’s website. You want them to think you’ve done research, so they can take you seriously.

Ask the home builder what separates them apart from the rest of the contractors. Highlight the important points and ask follow-up questions. Make the interview interactive to get the information you need. When you are satisfied with the answers, move on to a different topic.

  1. Can you give me references from previous home building projects?

This question is one of the most important things to ask the contractor. You want to know if they are willing to give you a reference to confirm their work. If they can provide more than two references, then you know they are confident in their work.

Let them discuss what they’ve developed in the past and how it can help in building your house. The best home builder can give a direct answer because they’ve got nothing to hide.

  1. What’s your process for inspection and final walk-through?

Feel free to ask the question that’s bothering you. The inspection and final walk-through are important parts of the home building process. This is the time when the builders check the property for possible problems. Contractors turn over the house with a list of things that are part of the insurance. Make sure to get a copy of this document to have a reference in the future.

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