Considerations In Buying A Rug

Rugs provide instant aesthetic value to any room. Typically this floor covering does not cover an entire floor area, unlike carpets. It is also easier to more practical to own. It’s limited width, make it is easier to do rug cleaning and maintenance. It is also flexible and versatile.

Just like any products to purchase, you need to choose the ideal rug for your room. You have to consider many things in picking the perfect one to make your living room or any area of your home classier and cosier. Among the things you need to think about is rug cleaning, placement, design, among others.

For people who are planning to buy new rugs or planning to replace it, experts provide the following recommendations:


For economical reasons, many people buy smaller rugs. But whilst this practice can save you precious dollars, it could fall short in achieving the primary purpose of placing them: enhancing room design. Interior designers say that small rugs may make your room look awkward. Ideally, rugs should be large enough that the legs of all of your furniture of a particular portion of your house are on it. If your budget cannot afford, you may consult with home decorators to find out if the size of your rug is appropriate for the design of the room and placement of furniture here.


The location of the rug is crucial in choosing the right material. For your living room and other high-traffic areas, you may go for durable materials such as flatwoven cotton dhurrie or natural fibres like coir, sisal or seagrass. If it is located under your dining table or in your bedroom, you may choose more delicate and feels softer on your feet such as tufted or knotted wool rug. Other practical reasons, such as ease of rug cleaning and maintenance is also vital in choosing. You should also check if the materials trigger allergic reactions to any family members or residents.

Colour, pattern, and texture

These depend on the design of the room where your rug is situated and its effect on you and to others seeing it. Do you want to make your rug stand out or blend in with your colours in your room? You may want to research on Pinterest or other websites for inspiration. Or better yet, you may need expert advice to achieve this.

Ethical considerations

Beware of unscrupulous rug manufacturers who practice unethical methods in producing their products. Some weavers in major rug-producing countries like Afghanistan, India, and Nepal use child labour.

Choosing rugs may be challenging especially for first-time buyers. Aside from design matters, you may need professional advice from the professional rug cleaning Melbourne to prolong the lifespan of your rug.