Common Causes of Gas Leaks

Danger is always associated with improper gas usage. In fact, even a small outflow can affect your house or, worse, injure your pets and family. To share awareness, we listed the common cause of leak explosion.

Household Appliances

Many appliances in our home use natural or propane gas to create heat. Although these appliances are designed to withstand everyday use, the seals that connect the piping can still corrode after time causing leaks. Stoves, refrigerator and laundry machines should always be monitored.

Faulty Piping

Leaks are often the result of faulty piping connection. If the pipes are badly fitted, gas can escape from the gas hose. Always be wary of your existing and secondhand appliances.


A spark can trigger a gas explosion. Cooking equipment such as stove need spark to function, if the room is full of gas, it can ignite flare-up.

Poor Ventilation

When a natural gas builds up in an enclosed area, it becomes dangerous. Make sure that your room has proper ventilation so the air can move around the room or building.

Not Conducting Inspection

Even if you take all the precautions to minimise the risk of problems, you still need to call for an inspection. More likely if you begin to smell something weird or notice gas-powered materials behave differently.

Not Saving the Inspector Number

Accidents happen in the most unexpected times, so be prepared. Save the inspector’s number and write it down in an easily accessible location like on a display board in the kitchen or pin it on a refrigerator.

Unlicensed Gas Fitters

Since many homeowners are trying to cut corners to save a few bucks, they opt to unlicensed fitters. They may think that they’re getting a better deal but hiring these individuals cannot benefit them even a bit.

Problems are easier to deal in advance. So, to save yourself from serious issues, contact licensed gas fitters Brisbane as early as now. The list of services is available on their website.