Commercial Dishwashers

Dishes are one of the things you need to eat food nowadays. Back then, leaves or pieces of wood were used as plates, but those were proven unsanitary and as such were replaced by the invention of the plate. Plates can be made of different materials like ceramic, glass, wood or plastic. They are used as things that hold our food and makes sure they’re not in contact with the tables to prevent contamination or invasion of ants. They are very versatile, and can be used for almost any kind of food. There are both big and small plates for big and small food. When you eat, you’re actually not eating everything.

commercial dishwasher

There are always small bits of food that will remain and will either get consumed by bacteria or taken by ants. This is why dishes need to be washed as to prevent those things and contamination. Dishes are washed using water, sponge and dishwashing soap, a special soap designed for cleaning plates by either destroying bacteria or washing away the bits of food so bacteria, ants, cockroaches and sometimes rats won’t come charging to the plates. This would be easy for a family, since only they are the only ones who will use it and therefore there won’t be a lot of plates to wash. But for foodservice and food retail operations, having plates available for serving food is very important; so cleaning them as fast as possible is key. Just as there are washing machines for clothes, there are dishwashers for dishes.

Commercial dishwashers are machines that wash dishes in a fast, efficient, and uniform fashion. They make sure that when they wash dishes, even the toughest of dirt is removed so that you can enjoy the most of your food or beverage. Of course dishwashers are not limited to only dishes; there are some that can clean cooking pans, kettles, pots, trays, mixer bowls and utensils. Most dishwashers nowadays use a superior cleaning performance that eliminate even the chemical residue left by the previous food put on the plate. There are many types of dishwashers, like the conveyer belt type: an energy, water and labor saving machine. There is the door type in which plates and other area kitchen utensils are placed in a tray which is then blown with gallons of water, soaked in soap, and then rinsed. These machines are very important for foodservice and food retail operations such as catering companies and restaurants. Most restaurants nowadays use these machines in order to speed up the process without altering anything that may affect the process negatively. Here are a few examples:

• AM Select Dishwasher – NSF certified to clean pots and pans, and delicate glasses and dishes. The ENERGY STAR rated AM saves you energy and water, too.

• Low-temp chemical dishwasher – Capable of cleaning 37 racks/hour(racks hold the utensils and plates in place), it’s not likely to overheat and is at an affordable price when you consider what it does and how it does it.