A Collection of The Most Sought-after Comics

Are you one of those millions of fans of comics? That is right, the stories in comics are really fascinating and quite engaging that instead of just glancing at them because you have important matters to work on, you end up procrastinating and just keep on reading. This is why, you will hear that more and more people are smitten in reading comics and even on the lookout of new editions. Are you one of them? Are also excited for new editions like do you also collect them? If so, you should be happy to know that there is a site that is collecting them and you can easily get one in affordable prices.

That is right and this is the Comics N Pop. They don’t just sell comics actually but all those amazing collectibles you are probably so excited about like pop vinyl figures, board and card games and still a lot more. But of course you should not just merely rely on my words and instead, you can check the site yourself. For starters though, below are their latest available comics in which Batman comics are also part of them:

1. Guardians of the Galaxy#15 – this is only $7.95 but the fun that you get is really priceless. You should not miss this one as you might run out of copy!

2. Aliens Defiance #1 – for only $8.95 you will already be a part of the struggles of Zula Hendricks who is battling demons from her past and yet at the same time, fighting for her life. You should check this out!

3. Aliens Defiance #2 – this is also just $8.95 and in this comics, Zula Hendricks along with his companion break protocol. You should get the details if you will get a copy and you should act fast. Note this is a hot issue!

4. Aliens Defiance #3 – here the lead heroes will try their best to navigate their vessel back to earth despite the tactical assault in deep space. For only $8.95, be part of their struggles and learn how they survive this test.

5. Alien Omnibus Trade Paperback Vol. 4 – another alien story that is available in paperback. This is just $44.95. If you just love to read about supernatural stories, then you should not miss this as some of the stories here are made available for the first time.

6. Amazing Spiderman Annual # 1 – You should not miss the superhero that is loved by many. This time, you will be entertained with his adventure in Mexico. We all know that almost all of the spider-man stories are really great and in fact, his next episodes are always anticipated. For only $7.95, you should enjoy another spider-man struggles to defend the universe.

There are still more amazing comics that you can avail from Comics N Pop and some of them have just been released. Thus if you want to show off then be sure to get your hands on them first.