Cleaning of the Bamboo Flooring

The bamboo floor is a type of floor manufactured from the plant it is named after. Although similar to other hardwood flooring, the bamboo plant is not considered to be wood rather; the reeds are what is used to create the flooring of an abode. Known for its durability, beauty, resilience and affordability, it is also one of the environmental friendly types of flooring currently available in the world at present. Any damage caused to the bamboo flooring can easily be fixed the same way over hardwood floors are either by replacement or a few repairs here and there would return it back to its old state. Constant maintenance like in other floor types is not needed for bamboo. Just the occasional sweeping and mopping would keep it retain its luster.


It is important to note that excessive cleaning or use of harsh chemicals and industrial strength detergent for the cleaning might give adverse results as bamboo flooring do not react well with such. If there are stains or spills on the floor, it is better to take care of them as soon as they occur because leaving them there for a long period of time might lead to the stain being permanent. Also, bamboo flooring are not meant to be kept damp for long as it can lead to the reeds rotting and developing mould which leads to unpleasant smells and unhygienic conditions.


If serious cleaning is needed meaning the use of a detergent is inevitable, it is wise to research the type that works well with bamboo or get a recommendation from your installer if you hired a contractor or simply read up information about different detergents. When using a detergent it is best to spritz a little on the floor evenly, not forming puddles is essential. After washing, commencing the drying with a dry moo so that the bamboo does not retain water. Contrary to other hardwood floors that shine or look new when waxed, it is best not to apply wax to bamboo flooring as it can make it slippery and give it the sheen of being oily.


If you’re worried about the constant dirt on the floor as a result of your home location or type of job you do which might result in constant cleaning of the floors when moisture on it is not encouraged, strategically place footmats, rugs or carpets around it. This prevents the amount of dirt on the carpet as footmats can be placed in front of the entrance causing dirty footwear to be wiped on it before further entrance to the home is allowed.

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