Choosing the Right Flooring for Your Home

As consumers, we are craving for quality products at an affordable price. This has been our thinking ever since inferior quality products existed in the market. So, imagine going home and finding out that the flooring we’ve installed last month is already showing defects. It’s disappointing, not to mention, a waste of money. Therefore, you need to carefully assess the type of material and installation process upon availing the product. So here’s a guide on how you choose the right kind of flooring for your home:

Solid hardwood

This type of flooring is organic, authentic and beautifully crafted to meet the needs of customers. It is quite pricey compared to the other kinds but can be durable and superior performance. Moreover, this material is flexible and can be matched to the overall interior design of the house. Solid hardwood is perfect for stairs, kitchen, dining and bedroom flooring.

Engineered hardwood

Unlike the solid wood flooring, this product is developed to supply strong and stable base for houses. This is made up of combined wood plies with the solid hardwood on the top layer. So, as you can see, the overall performance may not be superior but the material is competitive and can be installed in basements and patio area. Talk to a trusted provider like iFlooring to learn more about the appropriate products for your home.


This new technology has become a thing for newly built houses. Aside from its stylish and sleek look, these materials are durable and have a 35 years warranty up front. Site-finished hardwood has a complex coating without sanding and fumes. The finish is absolutely incredible to give you a tougher resistance to scratch, dents and pests. If you’re up for superior quality, this should be your choice.

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