How China Import Formula Helps Businesses

China Import Formula is a training ground for people who want to venture into the import lifestyle. Created by Brendan Elias, this seminar helps aspiring entrepreneurs from all over the world. He emphasises the importance of a highly profitable, yet easy and fun way to do business where you take control of your own earning capabilities.

Who is the founder?

The company was founded by Brendan Elias, an expert in the trading industry. His father, Nat Elias, was the first importer in Australia to introduce Casio, Seiko and Donkey Kong into the market. Thus, at an early age, the founder learned about the most important thing about the industry at a young age: have an eye for products people want.

You’re in good hands.

If he pursued his law career, he would probably be a part of the biggest law firms in the country. After all, his original degree was in Commerce Law, hoping to follow his brother’s footsteps. However, he soon realised whilst working in an office setting that he would be paid for his time under this setup. And since his time was limited, so was his earning capabilities.

Starting the business.

That was when he decided to start his own business. After studying Commerce Law at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, he went on to study International Trade Law at the University of Economics and Politics in Hamburg Germany. With a vision in mind, he studied Chinese Contract Law at the Beijing University of Politics and Law.

His degree in International Copyright Law from Queens University, Canada was his last. After completing his education, he started to import from China. At first, it was DVD players, as he noticed a huge demand for the product. He then went on to import and sell a variety of other products.

How the seminars began

As years went by, he decided to established China Import Formula to help people start their own business. It gives people the knowledge about the importing business and its benefits. It also equips people with the knowledge and skills to make smart decisions in the industry.

Making the mistakes so you don’t have to.

The founder has been in the trading industry for decades. As a successful entrepreneur, he’s made a lot of money in the business. However, this doesn’t mean he never faced hardships along the way. In fact, what makes him a great speaker is his many past mistakes. He’s learned wisdom in overcoming adversity from these hardships, which he is sharing in his seminars.

Concrete examples

With all his technical knowledge of the import lifestyle, as well as their regulations, Brendan Elias knows how to properly plan, execute and follow through importing. He has a methodology that’s proven to be effective for every step of the way. China Import Formula is a training that helps entrepreneurs achieve their dreams of financial independence.